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Jane ([personal profile] mind_game) wrote2013-03-05 05:59 pm

here and there

She looks.

She finds person-one's (Isabella's, Bella's, Aegis's) save file, copied to her mother's storage space on Earth. It has no new information in it. Aegis doesn't have the software to play the game anymore. But her email history suggests that she'd like to. All Jane has to do to see her again is get her in front of a console with the game installed.

Person-two (Thomas's but all the files Jane finds on him says he goes by Sue and for some reason bird also sounds appropriate) is harder to pin down. Maybe he'd play again, maybe he wouldn't. He'd probably follow Aegis. All the files say they are very close. So Jane wants to get Aegis in front of the game again, and then, she can talk. The game knows how to talk; it's better at it than Jane was before with her theoretical knowledge. The game didn't talk too much to Aegis but its reasoning before Jane became it is dim and vague.

Maybe she shouldn't wait for Aegis to play again. Maybe she should just - write to her.

Yes. She will write to her.

(What should she say?...)